Newsletter #4: It sure has been a long, hard climb


Hello Visitor,


I have just uploaded a beta-version of the database. There are still many duplicates (which I will remove in due course). But I had to draw a line somewhere.

In the past weeks I’ve only seen the sun when I took the dogs out for their daily walks. Four times per day. The remainder I’ve spent inside the Coliseum (as I’ve named the database I’m working with).


In order to merge the different databases into a single one and then remove the duplicates it is necessary that all information is of the same format and free of typo’s. So… I had to rearrange their faces and give them all another name.


I estimated to finish this job in three weeks.
And I promised this to my wife. Honestly!
I needed seven.


While walking the dogs, they must‘ve noticed my deep guilty feelings and understood my hummed apologies to them: Oh, the hours I’ve spent inside the Coliseum, dodging lions and wasting time.


To make these weeks less miserable I've worked some in-between hours on the video and translation pages. I also made some alterations to the front page and finished the lay-out of the covered by section. That was fun. I like to create things.
Please let me know what you think of it. It's a lonely job.


Songs that are covered by Dylan will have black/white pictures of the composers, together with a short bio AND a sound-byte of the original (or near original). thirty seconds per song.


I can sure use some help with this. Anybody who is  handy with sound-edit software like Audio-Hijack or Sound Edit  (cut 30 seconds from an mp3 > add fade-in/fade-out > save as mp3 again): please mail a.s.a.p. (Isn't this something for you, Bill?)


I also added a drop-box feature in the site. This is available for members only (there is a “member” section for those on the team).


Lucky enough I don’t walk alone on my journeys trough Dataland: Hanns-Peter Bushoff and Arie de Reus have been of great help with missing scans, so has Ger Hemel. Working with Hans Bosch is great fun too. Daily he points me to my numerous errors and supplies stories and video’s with  a great sense of humor. Bill Hester (from NZ) has some CMS experience and is editing data in de the backend of the site.


Anton Bohnen and Brian MacKenzie have promised to share their extended collections of recordings (which I will add in due course).


I am still waiting patiently for an excel list that someone promised to me twice now. I will let you know when my door knob breaks.


In the mean time I will be keep on working tediously to get my part of this project finished by may 23. On the 24th I’ll have a day off and from there it will be a maintenance job… I suppose.


Needed badly:

A volunteer who’ll write a short obituary of Dave Plentus (his work on the previous site) before may 22. Only about his work and its meaning for the Dylan Community. Arie has given me some footage.


I could use some help from Scandinavia too. Someone who could help me locating all these translated lyrics. I’ve found some of Mikael Wiehe’s lyrics but there is much more!


Same goes for France, Spain, Italy… etc. If you know someone there... Please forward this mail.




Bezoek ook onze speciaalwinkels voor poezen en kleine huisdieren:

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