Newsletter # 3: Further along


Hello Visitor,


I didn’t spend 36 hours at my desk this weekend. Instead I have visited some old friends and asked them for support. I think I've spent my weeekend well.

Saturday I visited Ger Hemel. He promised to work on Youtube, sorting out the cover video’s. I am pleased with that.

Today I visited Arie de Reus. We go back a long way. In 1987 we lived together in his apartment in Enschede for 6 months.
While scanning 50 cd-covers we listend to some things I’ve never heard before. Arie really enjoys to amaze people. I can only say that it’s good to warm yourself at friends who are nearer to the fire.


infidels play dylanBack home I was pleased to see that Horst Schrader had sent me some scans. Thanks! I am not familiar with this one: The Infidels play Bob Dylan: please let me know what it is.


Please have a look at the website, here: it is the new album. Please click on one of the songs and scroll to the bottom. You see the composers.
My idea to present covers that Dylan sings this way: To show a b/w picture of the composer and a few lines which are stolen from wikipedia.
Please let me know what your feelings are about it.


Also I have decided that I will present translated lyrics. You can see them here.
If there is a video of the translated song at YooTube I will link it to it.

I wrote you that Hans Bosch is a great help. Lots of fun together. I asked him if he would like to do an editorial; a bloglike regular. I really hope he does it: his style of writing is very entertaining.

I also asked Arie to to a regular contribution about cover-covers. He has heeps of those.

Meanwhile, most of the scans of the cover albums are on the site. I miss exactly 50:

  1. Alessandro - Singing Just For You II - Alessandro Sings Dylan And More
  2. Various Artists - The Tune That Is Yours and Mine
  3. The Beards - Dylan and The Band Tribute
  4. Los Blues - Los Blues cantan a Mr. Dylan
  5. The Bob Band - The Bob Band
  6. Luigi Catuogno - The Plankenstein Tapes 1999, Bob Dylan Festival, Burg Plankenstein, Austria
  7. Coffee Cups - Coffee Cups
  8. Countdown Studio Band - Reggae Rocks, Vol. 1
  9. Dark Eyes Electric Band - Concierto en el Nombre de Bob
  10. Dirk Darmstaedter - Dirk Sings Dylan
  11. Johnny Desvan - Tributo a Bob Dylan
  12. Dylan Revisited - Dylan Revisited Live at The Australian Bar
  13. Dylanesque - After The Crash: The Soundtrack
  14. The Flaming Bulldogs - The Bob Tribute Album
  15. Heaven is Shining - Alamak
  16. Janglers - Janglers Play Dylan
  17. Jokerman - Ammarnäs
  18. Jorcx - Històries Alienes: Dylan, Bruce, Knopfler, Cohen
  19. Rod Lansing - Exitos Dei Bob Dylan
  20. Svempa Lassbo - Dylan Under Cover
  21. Greg Lee - Sings Dylan, Lightfoot and Others
  22. Zuk Milton - Hits Of Bob Dylan
  23. Wolfgang Niedecken - Video Ohne Filter Extra ARD 1, Germany
  24. Jan O's Buurman - Jan O's Buurman
  25. Plechovka - Bob Dylan Festival, Dankovice, Czech Republic
  26. Proyekt Hagumiya - Single
  27. Gerard Quintana i Jordi Batiste - Single
  28. Jane Reynolds y Johnny Desvan - Tributo a Joan Baez y Bob Dylan
  29. Rolling Thunder - The Never Ending Rehearsal
  30. Singin' Mike Singer - Singin' Mike Singer Sings Good Ol' Folk Songs
  31. Subterrenean Homesick Band - Live At Dankovice 2001
  32. Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock Cirkus - A Tribute To Bob Dylan
  33. Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock Cirkus - The Reality Of Illusion
  34. To Bob - To Bob Bits Vol. 1
  35. Pet Tommy - Viva Bob Dylan!
  36. Uncredited Artists - Grandes Creaciones de Bob Dylan
  37. Two Approaching Riders - One More Cup Of Coffee
  38. Uncredited Artists - Nuevos Éxitos de Bob Dylan
  39. Joe Valenti - Much Obliged
  40. Various Artists - Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration 2008 and 2009. The University Café, Stony Brook University
  41. Various Artists - Bob Dylan Festival, Vienna Austria
  42. Various Artists- Letra & Música: A Tribute To Bob Dylan
  43. Various Artists - Like A Rolling Thunder 98
  44. Various Artists - Look Back Basement Tape
  45. Various Artists - Look Back Basement Tape Vol 3
  46. Various Artists - Look Back Basement Tapes Vol 4
  47. Various Artists - RMD does Dylan (Robert Dudley Dickinson)
  48. Various Artists - The New Look Back Basement Tape
  49. Jan Wentink - Live, Lelystad, Holland (Dutch)
  50. The World-Band - Hits of Bob Dylan (Covers)

If you have one of these (or more), please send me! 600x600 resolution is ok.

Thanks for your time

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