Newsletter # 2: Time Passes Quickly




    Two weeks ago I have send you a newsletter about the project which I am working on: the new website with Dylan-covers. So Far, So Good.

Cosmetically the site looks more-or-less okay to me now. The front page will have one more block: new items. This will show an update (every month) with new additions.



This is the largest chunk of work: I have merged all bits and pieces into one mother-of-all-databases and am currently tediously re-naming songs (do you know how many ways people write Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright), checking the names of the artists and removing duplicates.
The site still presents the dummy version of the database. Also: the layout is still rough and dirty.
I have been workin’ on the DB for weeks. Recovering Dave Plentus’ DB thru Wayback Engine and merging that with mine was the hardest part. I had just finished that when Steve Ehli informed me that he has an Excel file with DP’s work. I really hope he will send me a copy shortly so I can add the remainder.


Cover Albums

I have added all information that I have. Of course it is not complete. You may shoot at it anyway. Please check, correct and add information.



I haven’t worked on content yet here. The main idea is to present tribute-bands and to give credit to artists who have covered a lot of different songs (Baez, Byrds, Grateful Dead, Wiehe, Montecrossa). But these are all just idea’s.


Translated Lyrics.

This will hold the translated lyrics of the covers. Where possible they will link to video. I have added a few examples here to illustrate my idea.



Speaks for itself, I feel.



I have “finished” two (out of three) sub menu-items: The Songs and the Albums. Songs have lyrics.
What I’ve not worked on yet are “His Covers” This will present the compositions which were covered by Dylan.



I’m not half way finished yet and time passes quickly. I really can use some hands here. Hans Bosch has been a wonderful companion in the past weeks. daily he’s feeding me with snippets of information, corrections and inspiration. This weekend I will visit Arie de Reus who will - most likely - point me on errors too.


Help needed

I have been offered help. That is wonderful: What is needed are:

  • Scans/images/pictures of the cover-album-covers. You van easely see which ones are missing and which ones are in poor quality.
  • Corrections and additions. Everywhere, basically
  • An editor. I am not a native English speaker. Please correct me where I’m wrong.
  • Someone who wants to add video’s
  • Someone who wants to add translated lyrics
  • Someone who wants to write an obituary of Dave Plentus (Karl-Erik?)
  • A good picture of Dave


Next steps

Although the site is “live” already it is still in beta, as far as I’m concerned. I hope to be finished with the bulk on May 23rd. Shortly I will ask Karl-Erik to pay some attention to this in Expecting Rain.
I hope it will trigger others to give a hand.


What can you do for me?

  1. Send all the information about Dylan’s Covers to me
  2. Pass this newsletter on to everybody that might be interested
  3. Please have a look at the Job board.


Dick Verschuur


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