Newsletter # 1: Rebuilding Dave's Database





We all miss Dave Plentus. Don’t we?

Up until his tragic death Friday, January 14, 2011 he'd been maintaining a website and database with covers of Bob Dylan’s songs. It was more than a day job. It was his life. We all know that.

Being both a database- and webdesigner I've been thinking often about the possibility of continuing his immaculate work.  Another reason for doing so is that Dave started with (and continued from) my cover-database which I started in 1975 and abandoned in 1990. At that moment there were a few thousand records.
His last version, in january 2011, had 32.500.

Mind you, Thanks to Kark-Erik Andersen is the old webside still accessible at: but not maintained

For those familiar with webdesign: the old site is "old", it's all flat html.
The backbone of the website was a database that was hosted at Baseportal.
Tha database is inaccesible at the moment. Thru WayBackMachine I was able to recover 80% of its data.

My own database (Filemaker and MySQL) holds 52.000 records. When I put the two together there will be duplicates of course.

Why am I writing this to you?

I decided to do the job. I took a five month unpaid vacation to start new from where Dave’s work came to a stop and am half way in the process now.

You can have a peek on what I’ve done so far at:

Note: what you see here is not finished yet! By far not! There is still a lot work to be done on the design, technique and content. The design is still a rough version.

About the menu options

  • The Database is a very rough, incomplete version. It will be replaced with the one i’m working on in 3 weeks. Links, filtering and sorting will be working properly then.
  • Cover albums is what I’m working on this week. I have 50% of the cover albums covered
  • Video doesn’t have much content yet. Please see the job board
  • Artists I haven’t done any work at all there
  • Dylan is well worked on. "His covers" will show the songs Dylan covered.

What can you do for me?

  1. Send all the information about Dylan’s Covers to me
  2. Pass this newsletter on to everybody that might be interested
  3. Please have a look at the Job board.


Dick Verschuur

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