NSDLD wishes Theo Bogart a happy 70th birthday!

TheoBogartTheo van den Boogaard was born on 25 March 1948 in Castricum, the Netherlands. Today, March 25 2018, is his seventieth birthday.
Theo has a special place in the hearts of the staff of this website. From childhood Theo drew comics. He was only fifteen years old when his first comic, 'Mark, Boter bij de Vis', was published by publisher Kennemer in 1964. After this he produced many illustrations for music magazine Hitweek, including the 'Striptease' series, in which he used songtexts to illuminate social criticism. In 1967 Van den Boogaard and Jan Donkers started the comic series 'Witje en Gert' for Hitweek, which was continued in magazine Aloha in 1968-69. For Studio he drew 'Pinokkio' in 1968.

With the title Bob Dylan Illustrated, a beautiful book was published by Theo Bogart, alias for renowned artist/illustrator Theo van den Boogaard. It is a completely self-drawn interpretation of songs by Bob Dylan. In this beautiful book, van den Boogaard has struck a number of songs by Dylan.Not the well-known classics (Blowin 'In The Wind, Hurricane, Times They Are A' Changing or Like A Rolling Stone) he picked up on songs like Winterlude (from New Morning), Simple Twist Of Fate (from Blood On The Tracks) or later songs like Can't Wait (from Time Out Of Mind) and Moonlight (from Love & Theft).

dylan illustratedThe illustrations reveal Dylan's lyrics to his Boogaard's and surprise, emotion or make you laugh. It is his interpretation of the narrative, often literary texts of Dylan and since Van den Boogaard's brain has a special link with the miraculous, the drawings are always different if you have been able to interpret the Dylan texts yourself. Precisely because van den Boogaard does not use a fixed method of illustration but his complete palette of styles, just like Dylan on his albums over the decades, Bob Dylan Illustrated has created a unique document.



• Theo van den Boogaard was renowned for his great series Sjef van Oekel comics he made in collaboration with writer / Sjef van Oekel creator Wim T Schippers. He is also well known as a draftsman for Vrij Nederland, Hitweek, Voetbal International and NRC.

Celebrate with these beautiful videos

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Winterlude - Theo Bogart

Opgenomen tijdens het optreden van Theo op het Noorderzon Festival in Groningen op 21 augustus 2015

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Theo Bogart

Opgenomen tijdens het optreden van Theo op het Noorderzon Festival in Groningen op 21 augustus 2015

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