Joan Baez

joanThe opening line of Baez's memoir And a Voice to Sing With is "I was born gifted" (referencing her singing voice, which she explained was given to her, and for which she can take no credit). A friend of Joan's father gave her a ukulele. She learned four chords, which enabled her to play rhythm and blues, the music she was listening to at the time. Her parents, however, were fearful that the music would lead her into a life of drug addiction. When Baez was 13, her aunt and her aunt's boyfriend took her to a concert by folk musician Pete Seeger, and Baez found herself strongly moved by his music. She soon began practicing the songs of his repertoire and performing them publicly. A few years later in 1957, Baez bought her first Gibson acoustic guitar.

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Any Day Now, Vanguard  VSD-79306/7

Any Day Now was a Joan Baez double LP from 1968, made up exclusively of Bob Dylan songs. At the time of the album's original release, six of the songs had not been included on official Dylan releases. One song, "Love is Just a Four-Letter Word," has apparently never been recorded by Dylan himself. The album was produced during a marathon recording session in Nashville in September 1968, the fruits of which resulted in two albums: Any Day Now, and 1969's David's Album.
Laying Bob Dylan sheet music on the floor in front of her, Baez closed her eyes and picked at random, the results of which made up the track listing. Joan did illustrations for each of the songs, included in the gatefold of the album.

  1. baez any day nowLove Minus Zero / No Limit
  2. North Country Blues
  3. You Ain't Goin’ Nowhere
  4. Drifter’s Escape
  5. I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  6. Tears of Rage
  7. Sad-Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
  8. Love is Just a Four-Letter Word
  9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
  10. The Walls of Redwing
  11. Dear Landlord
  12. One Too Many Mornings
  13. I Shall Be Released
  14. Boots of Spanish Leather
  15. Walkin’ Down the Line
  16. Restless Farewell

Original release date:  December 1968
Produced by Maynard Solomon
Associate Producer: Jack Lothrop
Engineer: Selby Cofeen
Cover Design and Illustrations by Joan Baez / Steak and Biscuits by Ireland's Restaurant
The Musicians: Grady Martin, Ken Buttrey, Norbert Putnam, Junior Huskey, Hargus Robbins, Pete Drake, Hal Rugg, Pete Wade, Tommy Jackson, Buddy Spicher, Harold Bradley, Jerry Reed, Jerry Kennedy, Steve Stills, Bill Purcell, David Briggs, Fred Carter, John Gimble. Led by Grady Martin  (who appears through the courtesy of Decca Records, a division of MCA). Inc.
©Copyright 1968 Vanguard Recording Society Inc., 71 West 23rd St., New York, N.Y.  10010

Different versions

baez adn fVanguard VSD 55/56 (France)

The French edition is very similar to the US LP, except for the “Joan Baez sings Bob Dylan” added to the front.
“Distribution Exclusive Musidisc-Europe.”
Surprisingly,  all the text on the sleeve is in English.

baez adn uk lpVanguard SVRL 19037/8, (UK)

Same as US, with a Vanguard logo added in the upper-right corner and a laminated cover

baez adn argVanguard/Music Hall  90.341/42 (Argentina)

Rear sleeve song titles: Spanish. Rear sleeve caption: Spanish
Inside gatefold sleeve: Same design as US. Inside titles: Spanish (subtitled in English)
Inside credits: Spanish. Inside drawing titles: English
Labels: “MH Music Hall” with “Del repertorio VANGUARD.”

baez adn f

Vanguard/Serie D.M. Diffusion Musical 70.341/42 (1969) (Chile)

distributed by Associacion Fonografica National "ASFONA"
Front & rear similar to Argentina LP
Folded card sleeve (not gatefold)

baez adn jpbaez adn jp 2Vanguard/King SR 278-9 (Japan)

ANY DAY NOW - Bob Dylan's Songs sung by JOAN BAEZ
Side 1: The Walls Of Redwing, I Pity The Poor Immigrant, One Too Many Mornings, Drifter’s Escape, Dear Landlord
Side 2: Boots Of Spanish Leather, I Shall Be Released, Walkin’ Down The Line, Restless Farewell
Side 3: You Ain’t Going Nowhere, Love Minus Zero/No Limit, North Country Blues, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word. Side 4: Tears Of Rage, Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands

baez adn mex 1abaez adn mex 1bVolume I: Vanguard/Gamma CV-227  (Mexico, 19??)

Single LP consists of Sides 1 & 4 of US LP



baez adn mex 2abaez adn mex 2bVolume II:  Vanguard/Clave  CCL-186  (Mexico, 1975)

Single LP consists of Sides 2 & 3 of US LP


The white LP has both Gamma and 60s-era Vanguard logos on the sleeve, the records have Vanguard labels.
The yellow LP has Clave and 70s-era Vanguard logos, the records have Clave labels, with the note Hecho en Mexico por Gamma S.A. The different labels, numbering systems and Vanguard logos suggest that these two Mexican LPs are probably a mis-matched pair, with the “white” cover LP being an original 1968 issue (although no year is given,)  and the yellow cover being a 1975 reissue. Logically, matching LPs probably exist.  All song titles in English only on sleeves & labels.

Translated Titles

English Spanish (from Spanish LP) Spanish (from Argentine LP)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit Amor Menos Cero/Sin Limite Por Siempre Tu Amor
North Country Blues Blues Del Norte Tristezas Del Norte Del Pais
You Ain´t Going Nowhere No Vas A Ninguna Parte No Iras A Ninguna Parte
Drifter´s Escape La Huida Del Vagabundo La Fuga Del Barco Pesquero
I Pity The Poor Immigrant Compadezco Al Pobre Inmigrante Compadezco Al Pobre Inmigrante
Tears Of Rage Lagrimas De Ira Lagrimas De Ira
Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands Señora De Los Ojos Tristes La Dama Triste De Las Tierras Bajas
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word Amor Es Solo Una Palabra De Cuatro Letras Amor Es Solo Una Palabra De Cuatro Letras
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine Sõne Que Veia San Agustin Sõne Que Vi A San Agustin
The Walls Of Redwing Las Murallas De Redwing Las Paredes De Redwing
Dear Landlord Querido Casero Querido Amo
One Too Many Mornings Una Mañana De Mas Una Mañana De Tantas
I Shall Be Released Sere Libertado Sere Libre
Boots Of Spanish Leather Botas de Cuero Español Botas de Cuero Español
Walkin´ Down The Line Siguiendo La Linea Bajando Por El Sendero
Restless Farewell Inquieta Despedida Adios En La Noche

baez adn br1baez adn br2Volume I:  Vanguard  VALP 11869  (Brazil, 1977-?)

Volume II:  Vanguard  VALP 11870  (Brazil, 1977-?)

Brazil reissue as 2 separate volumes with blue sleeves,  probably 1977

baez adn sa1Vanguard  VSD-79306/7 (South Africa)

Same number and design as US issue,  except adds

baez adn phi

Vanguard  VSD-79306/7  (Philippines)

Distributed in The Philippines by A&W Records Int'l. under license by Vanguard Recording Society, Inc.
Same number and front as US issue, but instead of the usual rear cover drawing the front artwork is repeated with the tracklist added on the left side.  Inside of the gatefold sleeve is blank!

baez adn gr1baez adn gr2Any Day Now 1:  Vanguard  VS 505  (Greece, 19??)
Any Day Now 2:  Vanguard  VS 506  (Greece, 19??)

The original LP was released in Greece as 2 separate volumes, each in a single sleeve.
#1 is Sides 1 & 2, with "This is ... by Joan Baez" and "VS 505" is in black print on the back.
#2 is Sides 3 & 4, with "This is ... by Joan Baez" and "VS 506" is in orange print on the back.

Other international LPs with artwork similar to U.S.:

Vanguard  VMLP 60014/60015  (Brazil)

Vanguard LDVS 17316/7  (Germany)

Vanguard  AORL 28355  (Italy)

Vanguard  GXC-130/1  (Japan, 1978 reissue)

A 4-page insert with the lyrics of the songs in English plus a text in Japanese about each song

Hispavox/Vanguard  HVAS 471-12/13  (Spain)

The Spanish edition has the same artwork as the US LP.  The song titles on the rear cover are in Spanish.  The inside and label credits and other text are in Spanish. The inside and label song titles are in both Spanish and English.
If you know of any other editions,  or have additional information about those already listed,  please e-mail me

Thanks to Lars M. Banke and Ger Hemel for scans and info of the Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Greece and South Africa editions


baez adn us cdVanguard VCD-79306/7 (US, 1987)

The early US CD deleted all the sketches except for the cover

baez adn japan cd 1Vanguard/King KICP 2381 (Japan, 1992; with OBI strip)

The Japanese CD restores the artwork on the back cover

baez adn us cd 2005Vanguard  79747-2 (US, 2/8/2005)

Bonus tracks:  Blowin' In The Wind + It Ain't Me Babe
(both from the 1967 Japan-only Live In Japan LP)
The 2005 remaster  booklet features the new artwork on the front, and the original artwork on the back page.

Other Formats

baez adn uk mcOther formats

Cassette tape: Vanguard CV-79306/7 (US)
Reel-to-Reel tape: Vanguard VGF-9307 (US)
8-Track tape: Vanguard VGJ-89307 (US

Picture Sleeve 45's

baez ep dkVanguard STU 42332 (Denmark, 1968)

Love Minus Zero / No Limit
Walkin' Down The Line

Listed in the EP section, due to the Dylan mention on the sleeve

baez 111901Vanguard  STU 42344 (Denmark, 1968)

Love is Just a Four-Letter Word
I Shall Be Released

baez 37006 it 1baez 37006 it 2Vanguard  VA 37.006 (Italy, 1968)

Love Minus Zero / No Limit
Love is Just a Four-Letter Word

baez 119015 1Vanguard  119015 (France, 1969)

Love is Just a Four-Letter Word
Love Minus Zero / No "Minute"

baez H776 1Vanguard  H 476 (Spain, 1969)

Amor Es Solo Una Palabra De Cuatro Letras [Love is Just a Four-Letter Word]
Sere Libertado [I Shall Be Released]

Related Items

baez ToRTears Of Rage, Platinum  PLP 8 (Germany, 1985)

This 1985 German single-LP is Disc-1 (Sides 1 & 2)  of  “Any Day Now.”
Unknown if Disc 2 was also reissued.

baez sings dylanBaez Sings Dylan, Vanguard 79512-2 (US, 1998)

Essentially a repackage of “Any Day Now” with Sad-Eyed Lady of The Lowlands replaced by 5 earlier tracks

baez satisfied mindSatisfied Mind Book-of-the-Month 40-5711 (US, 1979; booklet cover shown)

Side 7 of  this 4-LP box set of Vanguard tracks is titled "Songs of Bob Dylan." 4 of the 5 Dylan songs are from “Any Day Now”

Love Minus Zero/No Limit • I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine • You Ain't Goin' Nowhere • Restless Farewell

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