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Brothers And Sisters Of Los Angeles - Dylan's Gospel

In the summer of 1969, producer Lou Adler gathered 27 of the best backup singers in Los Angeles to cover the music of Bob Dylan during a marathon two-day session. "Sometimes there were more than 27 voices," Adler told Rolling Stone in 1969, "because on several occasions real brothers and sisters stopped by and grabbed a part. It sounds corny, but that was the spirit of the thing. The tape stopped, but they were still singing."
Adler called his gospel-chorus The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles, and they made songs like "Lady Lady Lay," "I Shall Be Released" and "The Mighty Quinn" sound like they were written to be sung in church. "You can find something spiritual about almost all of his music," Adler says today. "It's something that goes beyond just being a pop song, there's always something deeper than that in a Dylan song."
The project was titled Dylan's Gospel and Ode Records released it in 1969, but its been out-of-print for decades and extremely difficult to find (source).

Text from “The Gospel According To Dylan”

The top background singers in Los Angeles are the finest in the world. They usually sing in groups of  3, 4 or 5, but for this album, they are all here together (except for a few who were in Las Vegas, but they will be here next time the Brothers and Sisters meet).

This album happened not only because of the smiles, laughs and hand-clapping of everyone during the playbacks, not only because of the party atmosphere that prevailed (the food sent in, the drinks sent in. etc...) not only because the people did not leave after the session but stayed to hear and discuss the things already recorded.  Not only because Armin Steiner, the Engineer, spent a week thinking about the studio setup, placement of singers and microphones, etc... not only because there were more people singing than had been contracted (cousins, mothers, boy-friends, etc...).  These were just some of the reasons, the others were...

Gene Page arranged.  His brother helped, his sister contracted the fine musicians.  Gene's mother and father came to hear; Carole King came to hear; Peggy Lipton came to hear and be near; John Phillips came to hear (and no one hears like John Phillips hears); Spirit came to hear; Tom Wilkes who did the cover with Barry Feinstein was there to listen and watch.  So, they were all there, engineers, arrangers, conductors, watchers, listeners and singers and it happened.  But what made it all happen?  The songs of Bob Dylan. But he has made a lot of things happen, hasn't he!

The album was produced and directed by Lou Adler at Sound Recorders in Hollywood, California.


bs uslpbs uslplbs uslp2Labels  credit “The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles”. Track sequence is the same for all editions listed on this page.

Side 1: The Times They Are A Changing* • I Shall Be Released • Lay Lady Lay • Mr. Tambourine Man* • All Along The Watchtower
Side 2: The Mighty Quinn • Chimes Of Freedom* • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight • My Back Pages* • Just Like A Woman*

The Brothers: Joseph Green, Andrew Herd, Jesse Kirkland, Chester Pipkin, Billy Storm, Ed Wallace, Fred Willis, Don Wyatt
The Sisters: Patrice Hollaway, Shirley Allen, Gwen Johnson, Sherrell Atwood, Ruby S. Johnson, Ginger Blake, Gloria Jones, Hazel Carmichael, Clydie King, Merry Clayton, Sherlie Matthews, Marjorie Cranford, Barbara Perrault, Oma Drake, Julia A. Tillman, Georgetta Finchess, Lolietha White, Brenda Fitz, Carolyn Willis
Bass: Jerry O. Scheft • Drums: Gene Pello • Piano: Gene Page • Organ: Evelyn Freeman • Percussion: Joe H. Vaerga, Edna Wright

Produced and directed by: Lou Adler
Arranged and conducted by: Gene Page
Vocal assistance by: Billy Page
Recorded at Sound Recorders with Armin Steiner
Design and photography by: Tom Wilkes and Barry Feinstein
All songs written by: Bob Dylan  Published by *Whitmark ASCAP, Dwarf Music ASCAP
Distributed by CBS Records Inc. / 51 W. 52nd Street, New York

International LP's

bs uklpCBS 63746  (UK)

Note: Rear covers of this LP is similar to the US edition, labels credit “The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles”

bs delpbdgosp02CBS S63746  (Germany / Netherlands)

Note: Rear covers of this LP is similar to the US edition, and labels credit “The Brothers and Sisters of Los Angeles”

Other international LP's

Ode SBP 473703  (New Zealand - no title on cover; CBS logo in upper left corner)

The Gospel According To Dylan - The Los Angeles Gospel Choir

bs lagcbs lagc2Ode-A&M Mayfair AMLB 51025. In 1971, “Dylan's Gospel” was re-released in the UK under this new title.
On the rear of the UK LP is a picture with Lou Adler at the top.


bs cd1bs cd1bSequel  NEX CD 135  (UK CD, 1990)

Also released on vinyl  (NEX LP 135)

bs cd2Sequel  NEMCD 404

(UK CD, 2000) Often listed under the erroneous title When Gospel Sings Bob Dylan

Also released in Japan (2000) (Cat.# PCD-891)

EP's and Picture sleeve 45's

bs bzepEP:  Epic 22032....(Brazil, 1969)

Lay Lady Lay  (Deite-se Senhora, Deite-se)
Mr. Tambourine Man  (Sr. Tamborileiro)
The Mighty Quinn  (O Poderoso Quinn)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  (Serei Teu Esta Noite)

bs mq45P/S:  CBS  5336 (Denmark, 1970)

Mighty Quinn
The Times They Are A Changing

Other singles:

Mighty Quinn / ? ~ Ode 121 ~  (US)
The Times They Are a Changin' / Mr Tambourine Man  ~ Ode ZS7 123 ~ (US promo)
Mighty Quinn / Chimes Of Freedom  ~ CBS S4583 ~  (UK)

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