Various Artists - Any Major Bob Dylan Covers Vol. 1

Any Major Bob Dylan Covers Vol. 1
  1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower (1968)
  2. Merry Clayton – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (1975)
  3. Elvis Presley – Tomorrow Is A Long Time (1966)
  4. Johnny Cash – Wanted Man (1969)
  5. Hoyt Axton – Lay Lady Lay (1975)
  6. Marshall Crenshaw – My Back Pages (1999)
  7. Jeff Tweedy – Simple Twist Of Fate (2007)
  8. Bruce Springsteen – Chimes Of Freedom (1988)
  9. Kris Kristofferson – Quinn The Eskimo (2012)
  10. Emmylou Harris – Every Grain Of Sand (1995)
  11. The Pretenders – Forever Young (1994)
  12. Richie Havens – Just Like A Woman (1968)
  13. Them – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (1966)
  14. The Grass Roots – Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man) (1966)
  15. Johnny Rivers – Mr. Tambourine Man (1965)
  16. The Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe (1965)
  17. Stereophonics – Positively 4th Street (1999)
  18. Eels – Girl From The North Country (2006)
  19. Lloyd Cole – You’re A Big Girl Now (2001)
  20. Josh Kelley – To Make You Feel My Love (2004)
  21. Norah Jones – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (2002)

  22. Bonus track: Ani DiFranco – Hurricane (2000)
Note: Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are not composed by Bob Dylan

From the website Any Major Dude With Half A Heart:

A few years ago a reader suggested that a mix of cover versions of sings by Bob Dylan might alleviate the discomfort many feel at hearing the great songwriter’s voice. As a fan of cover versions I was keen on the idea. So I created a Dylan covers folder and began collecting. Something like eight years later I’m ready to present a series of Any Major Dylan Covers.

This will be a series of three CD-R length collections — 62 songs plus three bonus tracks. As always, I set myself strict rules: no artist may feature twice, and no song may be repeated — except one, which will end the series.

Since these are supposed to be covers of Dylan songs, he must have released the songs first. That means that those tracks he wrote for others, or which others recorded before he released them, don’t qualify — except two, which I’ll address in a moment. A song like Blowin’ In The Wind might have been recorded first by others (Dylan historians have no consensus on that), but it is so essentially a Dylan song that it can’t be excluded.

Dylan never released Wanted Man before it was first recorded by Johnny Cash on the St Quentin live album. So it isn’t really a cover. But it broke my heart to consider not including a Dylan/Cash hybrid, so — in best Cash fashion — rules be damned. In the spoken intro Cash says he wrote the song with Dylan at the Cash home, but Dylan has the sole writing credit. Anyway, the great list-song writer has his lyrics performed by the great list-song singer.

The first volume kicks off with the best of all Dylan covers: Jimi Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower. Hendrix had received a pre-release acetate of Dylan’s recording, and his version was recorded only two months after Dylan’s. From there on it was Jimi’s song. Bob was cool about it. In the liner notes to his Biograph collection, he wrote: “Strange how when I sing it, I always feel it’s a tribute to him in some kind of way. I liked Hendrix’s record, and ever since he died, I’ve been doing it that way.”

But Dylan has also said that the version of any of his songs he treasures most is Elvis Presley’s 1966 interpretation of Tomorrow Is A Long Time, a song Dylan recorded in 1962 but didn’t release until 1971 as a live track from eight years earlier. So Elvis’ version isn’t really a Dylan cover, but rather of the folk singer Odetta’s recording.

But how great is Kris Kristofferson singing Quinn The Eskimo?

Which brings me to two acts who are notably excluded in this series: Odetta and Peter, Paul & Mary had a great reputation for singing Dylan songs (Odetta, in turn, was something of a mentor to the budding songwriter from Minnesota). Their exclusion was not deliberate: where I had candidate songs by them, there were others which were a better fit.

Mr Tambourine Man is covered here by Johnny Rivers — so I’ll leave you to wonder which Dylan cover by The Byrds will feature in this series? And what will we have Joan Baez singing? And whose version of Blowin’ In The Wind will feature?

The mix is timed to fit on a standard CD-R and includes home-busked covers. PW in comments (you are welcome to leave a message there).

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    11 February 2017 at 21:45 | #

    can't wait to listen .... many thanks


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