Křesťan a Druhá Tráva, Robert - Zive v Telci

  1. Ossian (Holly Wells Of Ireland)*
  2. Ossian - Instr.*
  3. Letni romance (Live)*
  4. Pendl do Betlema (Live)*
  5. Marcipan z Toleda (Live)*
  6. Rada snu (Series Of Dreams) (Live)
  7. Zas padne noc (Live)*
  8. May Morning Dew/Tribute To Peadar O'Donnel (Live)*
  9. Kazde zrnko pisku (Every Grain Of Sand) (Live)
  10. Jeste neni tma (Not Dark Yet) (Live)
  11. Divka ze severu (Girl Of The North Country) (Live)
  12. Senore (Senor - Tales Of Yankee Power) (Live)
  13. Telegrafni cesta (Telegraph Road) (Live)*
  14. Wayfaring Stranger (Live)*
  15. Mississippi (Live)*
  16. Jeste jedno kafe (One More Cup Of Coffee) (Live)
Note: Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are not composed by Bob Dylan

Note: The "Mississippi" on this album is NOT the Dylan song! Music: Lubos Novotný
Lyrics: Robert Krestan

See for yourselves:


  • Format: CD
  • Released: 2009
  • Language: CZ

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