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dylan.pl - Niepotrzebna Pogodynka, Żeby Znać Kierunek Wiatru

Dylan.pl - Niepotrzebna Pogodynka, Żeby Znać Kierunek Wiatru


  1. Tęskny jazz o podziemiu [Subterranean Homesick Blues] feat PablopavoTęskny jazz o podziemiu [Subterranean Homesick Blues] feat Pablopavo
  2. Adam dał imiona zwierzętom [Man Gave Names to All the Animals] feat Organek, Maria Sadowska, Muniek Staszczyk & PablopavoAdam dał imiona zwierzętom [Man Gave Names to All the Animals] feat Organek, Maria Sadowska, Muniek Staszczyk & Pablopavo
  3. Czasy nadchodzą nowe [The Times They Are a-Changin'] feat Muniek Staszczyk
  4. Firma Ziuty [Maggie's Farm]
  5. Burza [Tempest]
  6. Odpowiedź unosi wiatr [Blowin' in the wind] feat. Tadeusz Woźniak
  7. Mistrz wojennych gier [Masters of War]
  8. Port Czarnych Łez [Black Diamond Bay]
  9. Arlekin [Jokerman]
  10. Na twardy deszcz już zbiera się [A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall] feat. Martyna Jakubowicz]
  11. Oj tam, stara (Tak sobie krwawię) [It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)]
  12. Musisz służyć komuś [Gotta Serve Somebody] feat. Maria Sadowska
  13. Ballada o cieniasie [Ballad of a Thin Man]
  14. Jak błądzący łąch [Like a Rolling Stone]


  1. Ramona [To Ramona]
  2. W szarych pętach dżdżu [Tangled Up in Blue]
  3. Romans w Durango [Romance in Durango] feat. Maria Sadowska
  4. Miłość bez zera/Żadnych ograniczeń [Love Minus Zero/No Limit]
  5. Bez słowa [Ain't Talkin']
  6. Izis [Isis]
  7. Ojciec nocy [Father of Night]
  8. Pan z Tamburynem [Mr. Tambourine Man]
  9. Czas mija z wolna [Time Passes Slowly]
  10. Jest mi miłość [Love Sick]
  11. Północ minęła [Soon after Midnight]
  12. Highlands
  13. Gdy przypłynie okręt nasz [When the Ship Comes In] feat. Organek
  14. Señor (Z dziejów jankeskiej potęgi) [Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)]
  15. Każde trawy źdźbło [Every Grain of Sand]
Note: Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are not composed by Bob Dylan

In 1983, Filip Łobodziński co-founded a musical group devoted to translate, arrange & perform foreign songs, mostly Spanish, French & Catalan. But Bob Dylan has always been on the most important side as Filip's personal craze.
In 2014, Filip finally found enoughinner force to transform his secret hobby into an event. He assembled another band and started on the project dylan.pl. we were (and still are) sure they wanted their versions to be played as unplugged as possible, with a certain backyard/sidestreet feeling.
Dylan.pl recorded 29 songs, divided them into two discs - first one is called "Oj tam, stara" which stands for "It's alright, ma" and contains sort of a "public" Dylan; the other is "A mimo to był sam" (= "but all the while he was alone") and it's the "private" Dylan.

​Dylan.pl made sure some of the top Polish singers took guest part in the project:

  • Maria Sadowska (daughter of ​a renowned jazz organ player, herself an accomplished singer AND a successful film director)
  • Martyna Jakubowcz (folk singer, with her own Dylan-devoted album out some 10 years ago)
  • Muniek Staszczyk (one of the top pukn/new-wave singers and leader of the T.Love band)
  • Organek (folk/blues singer and guitar player)
  • Pablopavo (urban ragga artist)
  • Tadeusz Woźniak (one of the top Polish folk singers, now 70 yrs old but still rocking).

The band ourselves are:

  • Jacek Wąsowski - acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, Gypsy guitar, producer
  • Filip Łobodziński - classical & 12-string guitars, ukulele, organ, vocals, Polish lyrics
  • Marek Wojtczak - double bass, bass guitar, piano
  • Krzysztof Poliński - drums & perc
  • Tomasz Hernik - accordion, trombones, electric harmonium

The title of the whole album is NIEPOTRZEBNA POGODYNKA, ŻEBY ZNAĆ KIERUNEK WIATRU, which stands for "You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows".



duszny krajFilip Łobodziński has been translating Bob Dylan's songs into Polish since 1979. On february 20 2017 a book was published in Poland called "Duszny kraj", with my 132 translations of Dylan songs so that they can be sung also - a huge anthology. BTW, it was ready to go to print in July 2016, months before the Stockholm surprise. All info here.

PS. You may want to go to http://dylan.pl/, where Filip Łobodziński maintains his own blog (but it's in Polish, sadly).


Biuro Literackie for the book - http://www.poezjem.pl/ it's the basket symbol:
Just in case, you can email Aleksandra at Biuro Literackie for the book:

Wydawnictwo Agora for the CD - http://kulturalnysklep.pl/ it's an online store for the label.
They should click on the Order (Do koszyka) button and procede.



  • Dylan Content: 29/29
  • Format: 2xCD
  • Released: 2017
  • Country: Poland
  • Language: Polish

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