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Editor's pick: Video of the day

Every day we will upload a new link to a noteworthy video of a Dylan cover. If you have suggestions, please mail.

Cry A While - Stumpzian

Today, April 10 is "Be Kind To Lawyers Day". The best way to celebrate is to ensure that the lawyers...

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Kuoleman Kauppiaat - Paleface / Wentus Blues Band

Finland celebrates on 9 April Mikael Agricola and the Finnish language.Kuoleman Kauppiaat ( Masters Of...

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I Shall Be Released - Ferrara Buskers

It's a saturday... so we post a busker version whenever we can. In memory of a Busker i never see in...

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Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard

Today Merle Haggard would have turned 81 years old if still alive. He was born April 6th 1937. He died...

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Love Sick - Rayland Baxter

April 5, 2018. Believe it or not, but today is Tell a Lie Day. Celebrating ‘Tell a Lie Day’ doesn’t have...

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Only A Pawn In Their Game - Dylan Revisited

Fifty years ago today, in 1968, Martin Luther King was planning a national occupation of Washington,...

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Tears Of Rage - Levon Helm & Elvis Costello

Richard Manuel would've celebrated his 75th birthday today. Probably with some wodka, whisky and cocaine....

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