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The nicest guy you've never met

David W. Plentus

Birth: Nov. 27, 1954  in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA
Death: Jan. 14, 2011 in Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA

In East Taunton, January 14, 2011, David W. Plentus, age 56 died suddenly by accident. David was the son of the late John J. & Harriet (Nadeau) Plentus. David was born in Taunton and educated in Taunton schools. He was a graduate of the former N.E. Aeronautical Institute and U-MA Dartmouth. David was employed as a cost estimator for the Swank Co. in Taunton for over 25 years. He was an avid music collector and ran an extensive and definitive website dealing with the songs of Bob Dylan as recorded by others.

If there’s any person who’ll fit the description “the nicest person you’ve never met” it must’ve been Dave Plentus. Kind, shy, humble, polite, grateful. As one friend puts it: I could fill up a book with the subtle, but wonderful things he stood for and was to me, but to say that David was both bright and kind would be a certain understatement.

From his home in East Taunton, where he lived with his older brother John - after their mother passed away - he worked on his masterpiece: a database of recorded cover-versions of Bob Dylan’s songs and an associated website. Dave was a webmaster but not just some webmaster, he was also a dedicated correspondent with many from around the world with similar interests in Bob Dylan's music as recorded by other artists.  All email was answered the same day and always with some kind words - each mail being kind, polite and inspiring.

His work was of outstanding perfectionism. Nevertheless he would always be very humble about the meaning of his efforts for the Bob-Dylan Community. We were the ones that were amazed by his labor and attention to all detail.  Almost everyone, from all over the world, have said that they felt that Dave was a real and genuine friend - even though few had the pleasure of meeting him in person.

In the third week of January 2011 a number of his on-line friends became concerned about Dave when he didn't immediately respond to email as they normally experienced.  He had last posted a blog on January 13th, but hadn't responded to email after that time. So various friends from around the world including Germany, The Netherlands, England, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Norway communicated with each other with their concerns.

Then this sad news got out. Arie de Reus and Bill Hester simultaneously reported to Alan Fraser and Karl Erik Andersen and others and the Expecting Rain website was updated with the sad news.

David Plentus was a diligent and hardworking Bob Dylan fan, and had many friends and admirers - from around the world.    May he rest in peace, and not be forgotten.  

This   nobodysingsdylanlikedylan.com   website is dedicated to Dave's memory.

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