Kiwis Doin' Dylan - Part III

And Here Come The Seventies

And it continued…. The Sixties turned into the Seventies – and Dylan’s music spread its wings – with a wider range of musicians covering his songs, folk, country, rock and beyond. This was certainly true in New Zealand.      


  • Lynne Pike
    “I Shall Be Released”
    on single Phreadd PH5
    This Dylan song appeared on one of the four Phread singles that Lynne released. Lynne taught herself to play guitar at age twelve and was performing publicly by age thirteen. Her 1970 single features on sitar Robbie Laven (who also appears on several other Dylan covers) and Bruno Lawrence on drums. More compete information on Lynne has been compiled by Grant Gillanders on a NZ music website.
  • NBPC LPMarion Arts
    "It Ain't Me Babe"
    on the LP “The National Banjo Picker's Convention, Easter 1970“ held at Claudelands, Hamiltion New Zealand Easter weekend. The LP Kiwi SLC 91 has highlights from the festival. Marion is backed by the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band (see 1974 for other HCBB covers) on this track.  She also appears as lead singer on the Red Hot Peppers album "Toujours Yours" listed below from 1976. Complete information on Marion's career is contained in the Marion Arts website. This website also has information on Marion's partner, Robbie Laven, multi-talented musician who appears on several Dylan covers (see Lynne Pike's cover above, and Marilyn Bennett's cover from 1973 and Red Hot Pepper's cover from 1976).


  • McGirr LennonDanny McGirr / Patricia Lennon
    “It Ain't Me Babe” 
    on LP “My Elusive Dreams” 
    Master Records MALPS 324.
    legendary Christchurch country music singer/songwriter Danny McGirr performing on this record with Ashburton country singer Patricia Lennon.
  • Kiwi Made MusicAfter Glo
    “I Shall Be Released”
    on the single Tree 12 and also on later CD released 2007 TCD 4032 “Kiwi Made Music Vol 1 1968-1972” a compilation of Tree Records.  After Glo were a Wellington teenage pop group. They produced two singles of which one had a Dylan cover. The group consisted of Steve Robinson, Michael Robinson, Richard Campbell, Cornelius Wood and Mary Ann Leslie.


  • Otumoetai CollegeOtumoetai College Concert Choir
    “Blowin’ in the Wind”
    on LP “Seasons in the Sun”
    Otumoetai College (high school) is a state coeducational secondary school in Tauranga, NZ. The 42 pupil choir was conducted by Robin R. Addison.
  • Southern CountryDinger Bell
    “It Takes a Lot to Laugh (It Takes a Train to Cry)”
    on LP "Southern Country Folk"  
    Mainland Long Play MLP 1001

    Dinger Bell was Christchurch born (as John Bell) and was a country and western singer. He was a real New Zealand cowboy, working at NZ high country stations and performing rope work and demonstrating horse breaking skills at rodeos in Australia and New Zealand. As well as music, Dinger was also known for his high quality leather working skills.
  • Suzanne
    “If Not For You”
    LP “Sunshine Through a Prism - The Best of Suzanne”  Karussell 307 also on LP  “Walk A Little Closer” Philips 6334 010 (Suzanne was Sue Donaldson – one of the sisters in The Chicks - see 1969 Dylan covers.). The musical career of Suzanne as singer, entertainer and musical coach is documented in Suzanne's website.  There were numbers of variations of LP cover art - two are shown below.

 walk closer suzannebest of suzanne






  • Marilyn Bennett with Robbie Laven & Tamburlaine
    "If You Gotta Go (Go Now)"
    "(Just Like) Tom Thumb's Blues"
    on single Tartar TR002
    Jon Chapman in a NZ music website says about this single "Tamburlaine also dropped into the studio to record two more sides for Tartar, the two parenthesised Dylan tracks, ‘(Just Like) Tom Thumb’s Blues’ and ‘If You Gotta Go (Go Now)’, sung by Marilyn Bennett with Robbie Laven and Tamburlaine. Bennett’s voice is sweet and pure, soft and somewhere between fragile Vashti Bunyan and unaffected Shirley Collins, with Laven and Tamburlaine providing lovely understated backing with tambourine, undistorted electric guitar, bass, spare drums and hand claps." 


  • Hamilton County Blue Grass Band
    "Walkin' Down The Line"
    LP “Country Road” Kiwi SLC 128 and
    “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”
    on LP "Kersbrook Cottage" Columbia SOEX 9924 (Aus) and the same album made in NZ - LP Columbia SCX5045; also included on the 2002 CD "The Very Best of the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band" EMI 7243 5392142 2; also on the LP "Orange Blossom Special" NZ AXIS 126.
    The HCBB website provides comprehensive information on this long established band - in the folk and bluegrass traditions - starting from about 1966 and continuing until the present time. There are numbers of albums with the Dylan covers - both from New Zealand and Australia. Two are shown below. 

Ham County OrangeBlossomHam County CountryRoad







  • Wayne Roland Brown
    “All Along the Watchtower (a different version, each side of LP)
    “Knocking on Heaven's Door“
    on the LP "Wayne Roland Brown” Strange BALZ005 and one version of “All Along the Watchtower” on the single Strange ODD324 - scans of the LP and single are shown below.
    Keith Newman on a NZ music website has extensive and interesting information on Wayne Roland Brown and his music and career.  An explanation for the two versions of Watchtower on the LP is thus - two versions of Dylan’s ‘All Along the Watchtower’, one an eerie rendition with Brown playing church organ and the other a sparser take. Wayne Roland Brown is quoted as saying “I used to open and close my concerts with that song so I did the same on the album. Everyone was stoned in those days so I guess it was just part of the deal.” 

 Wayne BrownWRB AAWT





  • Bill Boyd LPBill & Boyd
    “I'll Be Your Baby Tonight”
    LP Stetson Records SRLP 1 also on LP World Record Club WRC LP 1654M Bill Cate & Boyd Robertson also on single Fable FB072 also on later CD JB101CD "Dreamin' 18 all time greats” and also on LP “Dreamin’” with same number JB101LP
    NZ music historian Chris Bourke on a NZ music website has much information on Bill & Boyd and their extensive pop music career in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.


  • LaDeDa LegendLa De Das
    “All Along The Watchtower”
    LP "Legend" EMI EMA 309 also same "Watchtower" track on the 2 LP, made in Aussie EMI EMY 506/9 released in 1981.
    Andrew Schmidt on a NZ music website has details on this group which moved from R&B into psychedelia - producing much memorable music for twelve years in New Zealand and Australia. "Their take on Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’ became a signature live song, and they captured a studio version with Bruno Lawrence drumming and Kevin Borich on guitar and vocals (and Ron Peel on bass) (and Keith Barber also on drums) which would appear belatedly on the 1975 Legend compilation."


  • Toujours YoursRed Hot Peppers
    “If You See Her Say Hello”
    LP “Toujours Yours” RCA Victor VPLI-0132
    Marion Arts, Robbie Laven and others (see pictures below) formed this band after Marion completed her university degree - and it became a successful, eclectic, original rock band - Red Hot Peppers. They toured NZ for 3 years playng many concerts and pubs and then moved on to Australia, and later to Europe. Their first NZ album was Toujours Yours which has this Dylan cover. The history of this group and other music of Marion and Robbie is contained in the Marion Arts website.

 Red Hot Peppers



  • Arthur Toms
    “Girl of the North Country”
    cassette “Ballads to Blues”
    Wellington Folk Festival – The Best, Jolly Roger CHEST 9001


  • Marg Layton, Paul Metsers & Peter BrockleHurst
    “Tomorrow is a Long Time”
    cassette “Ballads to Blues”
    Wellington Folk Festival – Final Concert, Jolly Roger CHEST 9006
    Marg Layton, from folk to blues to jazz, a NZ musical treasure. Read more on the Marg Layton website. And Paul Metsers, singer and songwriter, with another Dylan connection, being the songwriter of the only NZ written song ever sung by Dylan ("Farewell to the Gold"). Information on this Metsers' song is on this website via this "Farewell to the Gold" link.
  • Rod Murdock
    “Tomorrow is a Long Time”
    cassette Sawyers Arms Folk Festival, Tikokino,
    Final Concert Jolly Roger CHEST 9008


  • Golden HarvestGolden Harvest
    “All Along the Watchtower”
    LP "Golden Harvest" Key Records L36681
    This band had four Kaukau brothers (Gavin, Mervyn, Eru and Kevin) along with singer Karl Gordon. Adam Gifford has written a short profile of this group on a NZ music website.


  • canterbury folkDave Hart
    “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right”
    cassette Shire recording CASS 1
    from Diamond Harbour, Banks Peninsula,
    Canterbury Folk Festival, Easter 1978
    Dave was initially in the folk music scene, but later became known for Morris dancing and bass piano accordion playing. For background information see this folk music link.
  • Noel BurnsNoel Burns with the Countrymen
    “I'll Be Your Baby Tonight”
    on LP "Country is Noel Burns with the Countrymen" PRA 1002
    In South Canterbury (around Timaru) the name of Noel Burns was synonymous with Country Music. His LP features ten traditional country tracks including the Dylan track. In addition to Noel Burns, the band includes Les Thomas, Colin Thomas, Maaki Goodwillie, Doug Petrie, Pat Houlihan, Greg Harrison and Richie Harrison.


  • Natalie and Mark
    “I Shall Be Released”
    cassette recording of the East Coast Folk Festival
    Invitation Concert
  • Neva Eder
    “Blowin’ In The Wind”
    LP "Another 26 Children's Favourite Songs" Music World TRO 333 (also on cassette) later released on CD "Yellow Submarine - 26 Children's Songs" KID CD3 Kiddidisk in 1979
    see 1966 Dylan covers for Neva's earlier Dylan cover in the Folk era.

Neva Eder kidsYellow Submarine

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